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Talk a Lot Wireless

Company Background & History

Talk A Lot Wireless LLC began its formation in 2006. Since then, Talk A Lot Wireless has successfully launched well over a 200 locations throughout the US. Talk A Lot Wireless is a partner owned company whose expertise include wireless experience dating back to the days of the pager. Along with the wireless background, the partners have an unlimited amount of property management skills. This management team has made Talk A Lot Wireless one of the top Master Dealers for MetroPCS nationwide. The success and growth has been steady since the launch of MetroPCS in 2006. The close relationship and management style of business has made the difference and is the key factor that has given Talk A Lot Wireless the leading edge in the wireless industry.

Perks & Benefits

Talk A Lot Wireless is leading the wireless industry by focusing and specializing in Metro PCS. With over 200+, stores in 5+ markets and growing, we have an advantage over our competitors by being experts in our field and core products. We offer the customer a product that is technologically in-line with the most current markets and the best part is there is no contracts. This gives the consumer the freedom to explore endless possibilities with their plan and cellular device. Metro PCS is now available nationwide. thanks to the recent merger of T-Mobile and Metro PCS, our affiliates now have an open market of endless opportunities for new successful locations. There is no competition. We are the winning team.

Grow With Us

We recently announced the successful merger of Metro PCS and T-Mobile. As things continue to get better as a result of the merger, you can expect more phone choices, value, coverage, and resources giving you and your customer current plan, phone number or where they can make payments. Our subscribers now total some 43 million people. A 9 Million subscriber increase thanks to Metro PCS customers and we are projecting 3-5% growth over the next 5 years. T-Mobile is making good on its promise to expand the number of cities with access to Metro PCS, bringing its prepaid wireless service to new markets daily.

  • 200+ Store Discount
  • Co-Op Assistance – Marketing Support
  • Top Notch Dealer Support Available
  • Established Vendor Relation
  • Warehouse – Supplies, marketing, & uniforms


Our team will work to ensure a successful and smooth store launch by assisting you with setting up your merchandising. On-site training at one of our locations to help you in understanding our operational systems, products and services, placing your initial inventory order, setting up your POS system. We keep you informed and educated on current products, rate plans, data solutions, marketing and incentives. Our team will work with you one-on-one, while training you to own and operate a successful business.

  • Alarm System Set-up Assistance
  • Corporate Build out
  • Corporate Operational Support
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Dispute, Research & Assistance
  • Local Warehouse
  • Network Set-up
  • Online Ordering
  • Product Delivers
  • Store Website Available
  • Uniform POS Systems
  • Up-to-Date Promotions

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