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Are you currently in the wireless industry? Are you looking to capitalize on the merger between MetroPCS and T-Mobile, now known as Metro by T-Mobile? We are here to help make that happen for you. Our specialty is to extend our expertise in the wireless industry to people like you, and help you grow with the fast-growing industry as we know it. With over 200+ locations nationwide, I think that speaks for its self. Talk A Lot Wireless one of the top national organizations as a master dealer for Metro by T-Mobile. The close relationship and management style of business has made the difference and is the key factor that has given us, Talk A Lot Wireless the leading edge in the wireless industry.


Why choose Talk A Lot Wireless as your master agent?

 -Metro by T-Mobile is a pre-paid cellular service No contracts, no credit checks for the consumer

-TAL has over 200 stores in 11 markets

-On staff IT professionals to help support our affiliates with our on-line portal and POS system

-Full operating 10,000sqft warehouse for ALL your merchandising needs in Michigan, another in San Diego, CA and another in Phoenix, AZ

-Full operating corporate office based in Michigan, to monitor all back-end transactions and dealings

-One on One training from our team to make sure all your operations are all successful

-24-hour online ordering merchandise and accessories through our on-line portal

-Merchandise delivery – We ship all over the US.                                  

-Marketing support, coordination, and marketing reimbursements


With our friendly staff on hand, our team will work to ensure a smooth store launch by assisting you in all aspects of setting up, such as:

-Help coordinate with landlords and real estate companies (if necessary)

-Help you coordinate with all city ordinances (if any)

-Corporate build out – Setting up and ordering the layout of the store fixtures and signage

-Vendor setups – Qpay, Progressive, merchant services – We help you get set up with all the vendors necessary to operate.

-POS System – Uniform POS created to our standards, which we give you full training on

-Train you on the latest rate plans, products, data solutions, marketing strategies, commissions and incentives.

-Educate you on disputes, research assistance, co-op assistance, and audit assistance.

-Dedicated personal for Callidus monitoring – This is how you receive your commissions and rebates.

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